Do you feel like you could contribute to a greater sense of community on our island? Do you have what it takes to add to the character development of our youth and kids?


Honesty, Caring, Respect, Responsibility, and Faith. These are the five pillars of the YMCA of Aruba; do they form an integral part of your character as well? Then join our YMCA family as a volunteer and gain unforgettable experiences and memories whilst giving back to our community!


We are currently seeking volunteers for the following programs:


Sport Programs

We are currently seeking volunteers to act as sports coaches for our basketball and volleyball teams, both at the YMCA Dakota and San Nicolas.


Y’s Care Program (August – July)

As a Y's care volunteer you would be helping out with the character development of our Y's care youth and kids respectively. Some of the activities include helping them with their homework, arts & crafts, sports activities and much more!


Progressive Educational Program (PEP)

Our PEP program is primarily aimed at adolescents, young adults, adults, and seniors. The courses are held four times a year, taking place over the course of five weeks once a week and are given by external instructors at our YMCA locations.


The YMCA of Aruba is concerned with strengthening our community. We not only want to help children and adolescents, we want to help the whole family. Some of our PEP courses include cooking lessons, sewing lessons and computer lessons. Through our cooking lessons we help families increase their self-reliance and self-care. We try to keep it diverse; any suggestions for courses are always more than welcome! We are currently looking for instructors foor cooking lessons and language courses.


Our Camps

The YMCA of Aruba organizes a total of three camps a year for our kids & youth. During these camps you can help out with the activities for the children, transporation etc.

- Easter Camp

- Summer Camp

- October Camp


Other Programs/Events

Our organisation organises other programs including our PEP programs, which entail workshops and courses in cooking, computer-skills, languages etc. and our Family Fun Day. The latter is an event concerning networking for our community, it is open to the public and completely free. We usually seek volunteers to help in our snackbar or to help with our sports and creative activities.




Please send us an email if you are interested in volunteering for any of our programs at

Volunteering at the Y