Youth Worker at YMCA Dakota

Job Summary:


You will assist in the Y’s Care and Teens program of YMCA Aruba. As a Youth Worker you will build positive relationships with children and young people of all backgrounds in our community. You will be in charge with giving homework guidance to the children and teens, develop and execute indoor and outdoor activities for Y’s care and Teens program, and help make all necessary preparations with regards to the Y’s Care and Teens and all other programs. You will also help develop and assist with all YMCA programs and camps. You will attend to all your responsibilities in the most effective manner as possible.


What do we offer:

• You will have a challenging and varied job.

• You gain experience within an International organization.

• Working at the YMCA gives you the chance to serve the community of Aruba.


Key Responsibilities:

1) To seek to build positive relationships with all children, teens and youth with whom YMCA of Aruba has contact through the various programs available to them.


2) To participate in team meetings led by YMCA’s supervisor and to accept responsibility to deliver requests and assignments, from the supervisor, regarding the Y’s Care and Teens and all other programs as port of the staff team.


3) To make necessary preparations for the Y’s care and Teens programs (e.g. setting up chairs and tables and preparing snacks) and to ensure that the location is left clean and representable after use.


4) To supervise the children and teens of the Y’s care and Teens program.


5) To receive the children of Y’s care and Teens at the beginning of the program.


6) To give homework guidance to the children and teens of Y’s Care and Teens by (1) supervising, correcting, and reviewing the student’s assignments, (2) checking and signing the students’ agenda, and (3) notifying the parents when necessary.


7) To develop, plan, and execute educative and fun indoor and outdoor activities for the Y’s Care and Teens programs on a continuous basis.


8) To help the Supervisor of the Y’s Care program with the development of programs that include a schedule of daily activities to entertain, stimulate and educate the children and teens; a balanced and nutritious snack plan; a plan for dealing with disciplinary issues.


9) To help the Supervisor design the program activities of the Y’s Care/Teens and programs with regard to its day-to-day operations. The Y’s care/Teens programs should provide various experiences and activities for children including, homework guidance, sports, games, reading, and storytelling.


10) To provide correct information to existing and potential clients of the Y’s Care and Teens, members and other programs.


11) To Work on YMCA’s opening hours, flexible and additional hours, and on weekends upon request from the General Secretary. The additional hours will be compensated with time back. To ensure high quality of the YMCA programs, by attending relevant workshops and courses upon request.


12) To ensure compliance of Health & Safety regulations, by attending to CPR and other relevant workshops and courses upon request.


13) To be willing to share aspects of the Christian faith with the children and young YMCA when appropriate.


Knowledge & Skills:

- At minimum a degree in youth work, or similar discipline with some post qualification experience.

- In the absence of a degree substantial relevant experience will be considered.


Apply for vacancy:

Are you the perfect candidate for this job and do you meet the requirements? Please send your application letter and resume to