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Volunteering at the Y (must be 15+)

Do you feel like you could contribute to a greater sense of community on our island? Do you have what it takes to add to the character development of our youth and kids?


Honesty, Caring, Respect, Responsibility, and Faith. These are the five core values of the YMCA of Aruba; do they form an integral part of your character as well? Then join our YMCA family as a volunteer and gain unforgettable experiences and memories whilst giving back to our community!


We are currently seeking volunteers for the following programs:


Sport Programs

We are currently seeking volunteers to act as coaches for different sports, such as, for example, basketball and volleyball. This could be at the YMCA Dakota or San Nicolas.


Y’s Care Program (August – July)

As a Y's Care volunteer you would be helping out with the character development of our Y's Care youth and kids respectively. Some of the activities include helping them with their homework, arts & crafts, sports activities and much more!


Progressive Educational Program (PEP)

If you are more interested in helping during one of our PEP classes, that is also welcomed. These include, but are not limited to, courses in cooking, computer-skills, and languages. If you have expertise in a certain area that matches our courses, don't hesitate and contact us!


Our Camps

The YMCA of Aruba organizes a total of three camps a year for our kids & youth. During these camps you can help out with the activities for the children, transporation etc.

- Easter Camp

- Summer Camp

- October Camp


Arts Programs

The YMCA also offers courses to spark the kids' creativity, such as dancing, playing instruments, painting, and writing. You could choose to give a class or be a helping hand during these programs.




Please send us an email if you are interested in volunteering for any of our programs to [email protected] or [email protected].

Youth Worker (must be 18+)

You will assist in the Y’s Care and Teens program of YMCA of Aruba. As a Youth Worker you will build positive relationships with children and young people of all backgrounds in our community. You will be in charge with giving homework guidance to the children and teens, develop and execute indoor and outdoor activities for Y’s Care and Teens program, and help make all necessary preparations with regards to the Y’s Care and Teens and all other programs. You will also help develop and assist with all YMCA programs and camps. You will attend to all your responsibilities in the most effective manner as possible.


What we offer:

• You will have a challenging and varied job. Your normal working hours will be from 12:30pm to 6:00pm.

• You gain experience within an international organization.

• Working at the YMCA gives you the chance to serve the community of Aruba.

• A positive and learning work environment.

• The opportunity to grow as a person and a leader.


Key responsibilities:

1) To build positive relationships with all children, teens and youth with whom YMCA has contact through the various programs available to them.


2) To participate in team meetings led by Y's Care Supervisor and to accept responsibility; to deliver requests and assignments from the Supervisor regarding the Y’s Care and Teens and all other programs.


3) To make necessary preparations for the Y’s Care and Teens Programs (e.g. setting up chairs and tables and preparing snacks) and to ensure that the location is left clean and representable after use. To develop, plan, and execute educative and fun indoor and outdoor activities for the Y’s Care and Teens Program on a continuous basis.


4) To give homework guidance to the children and teens of Y’s Care and Teens by (1) supervising, correcting, and reviewing the student’s assignments, (2) notifying the parents when necessary.


5) To ensure high quality of the YMCA programs, by attending relevant workshops and courses upon request. Also, you need to be flexible if it is requested by the General Secretary to work additional hours or on weekends.


6) To ensure compliance of Health & Safety regulations, by attending to CPR and other relevant workshops and courses upon request.


7) To be willing to share and be a role model of aspects of the Christian faith with the children and youngsters and to exemplify the YMCA Christian values of caring, honesty, respect, and responsability at all times.


Knowledge & skills:

• At minimum, a degree in youth work or similar discipline with some post qualification experience.

• In the absence of a degree, substantial relevant experience will be considered.

• Planning and organizational skills.

• Have a proactive mindset.


Are you the perfect candidate for this job and you meet the requirements?

Please send your application letter and resume to [email protected].